Our Approach


FIJV is committed to the community surrounding our operations, and the broader community as a whole. As a company committed to moral values and the wellbeing of all people, we work towards a better future for present and future generations. We follow the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals published in 2015, which set out 17 objectives for regularly improving and enhancing standards of living.

We believe our activities positively affect the community in many ways and we work towards continual improvement in our community consultation. The following demonstrate the positive results of our actions:

Enhancing employment and creating job opportunities within our supply chain

Further construction of the Yalgoo region and the surrounding areas through our operations

Contribution to the WA economy by increasing iron ore exports

Benefiting the community by paying duty and taxes and providing products and services

Generating positive outcomes for Aboriginal communities and other surrounding communities through positive engagement and mutual cooperation.

Working with surrounding Aboriginal communities and other community groups to achieve mutual benefits.

By valuing surrounding Aboriginal communities and the community as a whole, we conduct a safe and productive business that benefits all who are directly and indirectly affected by our operations.