EPA Public Environmental Review

(April 2020)

The process of seeking environmental approval commenced with the referral of the project to the EPA on 19 December 2017. The EPA determined the proposal to be assessed at the level of Public Environmental Review. This has involved the preparation of an Environmental Scoping Document for approval by the EPA, followed by the development of the ERD for assessment by the EPA.

The ERD details the potential environmental impacts, their assessment and the proposed management measures, including minimisation, avoidance and rehabilitation strategies. For each environmental factor, the ERD also includes an assessment of the residual impact following implementation of the management measures, and the predicted environmental outcomes. 

With approval from the EPA, the ERD is now available for a period of six weeks, commencing 15 April 2020, for stakeholders to review and provide comment, The ERD is available now and can be downloaded from here

Environmental approval sought for Yogi Project

(January 2018)

The process of seeking environmental approval commenced with the referral of the project to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) on 19 December 2017. A preliminary study has been completed on the Yogi tenement and pipeline route envelopes by an environmental consultant. This work included gathering and reviewing background information, pre-referral meetings with EPA officials, and conducting the EBPC Protected Matters search and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions Threatened and Priority Fauna Database search. FIJV has now contracted GHD as its environmental consultant and will continue EPA and EPBC approval procedures and obtain all environmental approvals and permits necessary for project operations to start.

Yogi Project nominated as a strategic project in Western Australia

(July 2018)

FIJV obtained approvals for the Yogi Magnetite Mine Project under the State Government’s Lead Agency Framework, and has therefore been nominated as a strategic project in Western Australia. This provides the project with exceptional support from the Western Australian government, with a high level of advisory and support services to facilitate necessary approvals and enhance smooth and swift progress of the project.