Health And Safety


Health and safety is of the utmost importance to FIJV. We are committed to the principle that occupational injury and illness is preventable. All employees, contractors and visitors who come to our site, should leave the site free of injury or illness. Health and safety is a fundamental element of how we work. The following are some of the measures we have employed to ensure health and safety at our workplace:

FIJV will demonstrate strong leadership and commitment to health and safety. We will meet or exceed all legal requirements to
 achieve a safe, productive and healthy work environment.

We will prepare an occupational health and safety policy with the aim of zero harm and no incidents, in accordance with Australia's standards.

Draft a health and safety guideline and policy for our company in accordance with the highest safety standards of Australia.

Health and safety has priority over production.

We will train and manage all employees to follow company health and safety regulations.

We will communicate clearly with employees and the community about health and safety rules using tools such as a health
 and safety management plan, tool box meetings, online content, brochures and training sessions.

Ensure all work activities within the company and site meet industrial health and safety regulations and standards.

We will never compromise on health and safety.

We will prioritise the health and safety of all employees and visitors.

We will continuously improve our health and safety standards by setting goals and objectives and tracking our progress.

FIJV will provide education and training to our employees, contractors and visitors to ensure they have the skills to create an incident-free workplace.


FIJV highly values the health and safety of its employees, partners, surrounding community and visitors, and plans carefully to safeguard all those who are effected by our operations.