FIJV is committed to the communities surrounding our operations, and the broader community as a whole. We are working towards enhancing relations with all project stakeholders through clear and transparent communication.

We recognise the importance of maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial, constructive and responsive relationships with all of our stakeholders. We also understand our long-term success is dependent on our communication with relevant groups, and our ability to listen to and consider all views from host communities and other stakeholders.

When it comes to engaging with stakeholders and our host communities, we commit to:

  • Encouraging sustainable development within our host communities and maintaining this in our projects;
  • Engaging openly and honestly with our host communities on a regular basis, and encouraging community participation and involvement;
  • Taking community and stakeholder views and concerns into account in our decision making processes;
  • Working in a collaborative and transparent manner with our stakeholders;
  • Maintaining effective mechanisms for stakeholders to address their concerns, and responding to such in a timely manner; and
  • Monitoring and reviewing our stakeholder interactions and reporting on current stakeholder engagement.

Furthermore, we believe that our project can only progress through sustainable and positive relations with surrounding Aboriginal communities and a spirit of mutual cooperation, and we make the following commitments:

  • We will work closely with MPS Law Co, as the representative for the Widi Mob community, and the Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation as the representative of other local Aboriginal groups and communities.
  • We recognise the importance of Aboriginal communities and their contribution to society.
  • We recognise the strong cultural ties between Aboriginal people and the land and sea.
  • We will build trust between FIJV and Aboriginal communities by aligning our promises with actions.
  • We will consult the appropriate individuals for proper communication with Aboriginal people.
  • We will support local Aboriginal communities by creating employment opportunities and development.
  • We will prevent unplanned disturbance of Indigenous heritage sites.
  • We will deliver our commitments made to Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal people.
  • We will act with responsibility, transparency and fairness.
  • We will align our production strategies for the benefit of Aboriginal communities affected by our projects.
  • We will encourage our stakeholders to work with Aboriginal communities and for the benefit of Aboriginal people whenever possible.

We believe our presence in mid-west Western Australia will positively benefit surrounding communities through:

  • Enhancing employment and creating job opportunities within our supply chain;
  • Further construction and development in the Yalgoo region and the surrounding areas as part of our operations;
  • Contribution to the economy of Western Australia by increasing iron ore exports;
  • Creating opportunities to support Indigenous enterprises and regional businesses; and
  • Engagement with the community and surrounds to generate positive outcomes through cooperation and respect.